Bogus Collection launch

BOGUS STUDIO is the brainchild of creative directors C.S Valentin and Alexander Diaz Andersson.

Bogus Studio is in search of the missing link between highly collectible modernist pieces and contemporary design. Rather than bringing a contemporary edge to a mid century work, the studio aim to capture the bold and odd essence of the moderns. It’s a cover rather than a remix, a re-imagination rather than an adaptation.

With one foot in hospitality Bogus Studio is however mostly inspired by the more personable and intimate design of residential spaces. Offering a whole collection for private clients and interior designers is the natural evolution of the brand.

For the most part Bogus Studio collection is hand made in Mexico City, combining traditional woodworking, state of the art machineries and high performance fabrics. With and eclectic choice of pieces that goes from a gigantic yellow outdoor chair to a wall mounted wooden desk or a coffee table which top flips to become a board game table, Bogus Studio has a distinctive approach to design and art de vivre.

James Williams