What is OSO?



OSO is home to contemporary quality-driven design and a conduit for creative expression. Here, artists, architects, and engineers push the boundaries of their respective crafts to develop integrated design experiences anchored in sustainable thinking. Our commitment to environmentally sustainable design runs deep. It underpins our desire to create spaces that ground and connect us to the wider world around us. We achieve this through the comprehensive approach that characterizes our work. No matter how disparate the components of any given project, our multidisciplinary team of experts consider and seamlessly bring together every element. The result is harmonious and engaging products, brands, and environments that resist definition within the existing paradigms of the hospitality industry.

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OSO is a platform for international design with a home in Mexico City, where a studio of designers, architects, and creative professionals work in concert across disciplines on niche and large-scale developments. Our projects respond to the design challenges of contemporary architecture and urbanism with ingenuity, pragmatism, and elegance. Tailored, inspiring solutions guided by environmentally-conscious thinking are the hallmarks of all our ventures, which our team of cross-industry experts carries out from drawing board to finished product. OSO’s aesthetic, achieved through a blend of traditional manufacturing techniques and cutting-edge technology, emerges from the need to create spaces and objects that live in the juncture of practicality and sophistication without sacrificing either. We strive to bridge the gap between the demands of contemporary life through a design language that brings together leisure, work, everyday living, and artistic philosophy. Happily marrying practicality with architecture, we pioneer beyond convention and empower our clients with the quality of life they need and desire.

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OSO is a platform for a new generation of designers to grow and materialize their boldest concepts. Because we provide collaborators with the creative feedback and manufacturing expertise they need to do this, we are able to offer our clients polished, original pieces. The studio is also fertile ground for environmentally-conscious design solutions that seek to add beauty and comfort to the human experience while reconnecting us to our planet. Creating harmonious, engaging relationships with the spaces we inhabit is at the core of our philosophy, which is why our concierge services work hard to meet the demands and specificities of each project.

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Our mission

Our mission is to lead the luxury industry in eco-friendly manufacturing practices and to champion a design language which has sustainability as a core tenet. We want to redefine how consumers relate to the environment through products that are at once elegant, soulful and mindfully created.